Hida Takayama “Little Kyoto”

Oyado Yamakyu, where the sound of Higashiyama Temple’s bell can be heard ringing out morning and evening.
Combining Taisho romanticism and a homely atmosphere, this hotel will surely soothe your travel fatigue.
We look forward to welcoming you with our simple Hida ways and home cooking.

Basic Information
Name Oyado Yamakyu
Address 58 Tenshoji-machi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-0832
TEL / FAX TEL:0577-32-3756 FAX:0577-35-2350
Check-in/Check-out times From 2:30p.m. / Up to 10:00a.m.


Home cooking passed down from mother to daughter and onwards.
While our meals may not be made by a professional chef, we can provide a taste of “mother’s home cooking” lovingly prepared by Hida born-and-bred cooks.
Be sure to partake of our home cooking made with local ingredients such as Hida beef.
Photos and words cannot do justice to the nostalgic and homely aroma of this cooking.



The hotel is crammed full of a wide variety of nostalgic items including miniature lamps, organ, radio, and an Edison wax cylinder phonograph.
One can only wonder at the history held deep within these items.
When gazing peacefully at these antiques, each and every one seems to tell a story of old – of a time of elegance or of a more modest time.

While away the time in a hotel steeped in Meiji and Taisho-period romanticism colored by antiques and old works of art.


The guestrooms are all Japanese style, creating a relaxing atmosphere.
Fully experience the flavor of a quiet “little Kyoto” inn.

和室22畳 和室11〜13畳 和室7〜10畳 和室6畳
Guestroom facilitiesTV, refrigerator, safe (free-of-charge), bidet toilet
AmenitiesYukata (informal cotton kimono), towels, bath towels, toothbrushes

Warm mineral water bath

The bath is made from maifan stone, which is said to have detoxification and skin-beautifying effects. The warm mineral water will wash away your travel weariness.
As well as the indoor baths, there are two open-air baths: a cypress bath with its smell of new wood and the highly tasteful Shigaraki ware bath. Both baths will really make you feel like you’re on your travels.
Guests can enjoy both baths by a morning and evening rotation system.
So, take a relaxing bath while immersing in memories of your travels.

錦の湯 愛宕の湯

Facility information

Guestrooms Total: 17 rooms (Japanese-style) Capacity: 50 people
Baths Indoor/open-air baths in 2 location (rotation system)
Indoor facilities Souvenir shop, banquet room, laundromat, lounge, courtyard
Dining Both morning and evening meals will be taken in the large hall
Car parking There is a car park that can accommodate 25 standard cars
Payment methods Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted.
All kinds of QR payments are accepted (PayPay, WeChatPay, ALIPAY , auPAY, and Merpay)


Oyado Yamakyu -Hida Takayama-
58 Tenshoji-machi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-0832
TEL:0577-32-3756 /

Check-in: From 2:30 p.m. to 11.00 p.m./
Check-out: By 10:00a.m.