Hida Takayama “Little Kyoto”

Oyado Yamakyu, where the sound of Higashiyama Temple’s bell can be heard ringing out morning and evening.
Combining Taisho romanticism and a homely atmosphere, this hotel will surely soothe your travel fatigue.
We look forward to welcoming you with our simple Hida ways and home cooking.

Basic Information
Name Oyado Yamakyu
Address 58 Tenshoji-machi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-0832
TEL / FAX TEL:0577-32-3756 FAX:0577-35-2350
Check-in/Check-out times From 2:30p.m. / Up to 10:00a.m.



Home cooking passed down from mother to daughter and onwards.
While our meals may not be made by a professional chef, we can provide a taste of “mother’s home cooking” lovingly prepared by Hida born-and-bred cooks.
Be sure to partake of our home cooking made with local ingredients such as Hida beef.
Photos and words cannot do justice to the nostalgic and homely aroma of this cooking.



The hotel is crammed full of a wide variety of nostalgic items including miniature lamps, organ, radio, and an Edison wax cylinder phonograph.
One can only wonder at the history held deep within these items.
When gazing peacefully at these antiques, each and every one seems to tell a story of old – of a time of elegance or of a more modest time.

While away the time in a hotel steeped in Meiji and Taisho-period romanticism colored by antiques and old works of art.


The guestrooms are all Japanese style, creating

a relaxing atmosphere.
Fully experience the flavor of a quiet “little Kyoto” inn.

和室22畳 和室11〜13畳 和室7〜10畳 和室6畳
Guestroom facilitiesTV, refrigerator, safe (free-of-charge), bidet toilet
AmenitiesYukata (informal cotton kimono), towels, bath towels, toothbrushes

Warm mineral water bath

The bath is made from maifan stone, which is said to have detoxification and skin-beautifying effects. The warm mineral water will wash away your travel weariness.
As well as the indoor baths, there are two open-air baths: a cypress bath with its smell of new wood and the highly tasteful Shigaraki ware bath. Both baths will really make you feel like you’re on your travels.
Guests can enjoy both baths by a morning and evening rotation system.
So, take a relaxing bath while immersing in memories of your travels.

錦の湯 愛宕の湯

Facility information

Guestrooms Total: 18 rooms (Japanese-style) Capacity: 60 people
Baths Indoor/open-air baths in 2 location (rotation system)
Indoor facilities Souvenir shop, banquet room, laundromat, lounge, courtyard
Dining Both morning and evening meals will be taken in the large hall
Car parking There is a car park that can accommodate 25 standard cars
Payment methods Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted.
All kinds of QR payments are accepted (PayPay, WeChatPay, ALIPAY , auPAY, and Merpay)


About reservation
I have small children, can I make a reservation?

You can do it, don't worry. We welcome any children to our hotel.

When will a cancellation fee be applied?

If you cancel 5 days before, there will be a fee. 4-5 days before 20%, 2-3 days before 30%, one day before 50%, and same day or non-night 100%.

If you cancel 3 or more rooms / 8 or more people from 15 days before, 5 or more rooms / 15 or more people from 30 days before, 20% cancellation fee will be charged.

What kind of food is for children in elementary school?

It is one less dish than adults. Children under the third grade of elementary school can also order the "kids’ meal", same as infants.

On your website no room are available, can I wait for cancellation?

We do not have a waiting list, but even if our website is full, there may be vacancies for telephone reservations, so please contact us by phone.

Is it possible to stay with pets?

We are so sorry, but pets are not allowed.

If you have pets in the car, we will provide an under-roof parking lot, so please let us know in advance.

I have not received confirmation of my reservation by email.

If you do not receive it, please contact us by phone.

I would like to reserve several rooms at once.

If you would like to book some rooms with different numbers of people, please make a reservation for each room.

Some rooms of the same number can be booked at once.

About Check-in / check-out
What time is check-in / check-out?

Check-in is at 14:30 and check-out is at 10:00.

You can also leave your luggage before check-in or after check-out for free.

How do I get from Takayama Station?

It takes about 25 minutes on foot, but there is also a shuttle bus to our hotel.

From Takayama Station Norikura Exit, we will pick you up from 13:30 to 17:30 according to your arrival time.

Please be sure to make a reservation by the day before boarding.

Other than that time, please come by taxi for about 7 minutes or on foot. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Is there a parking lot?

Free parking is available.

My arrival will be delayed, is that okay?

If you arrive after 20:00, please let us know.

Can I use credit card or QR payment?

Visa, Mastercard and various QR payments can be used for local payment.

Available QR payments: PayPay, ALIPAY, auPAY, Melpay, d-payment, Sarubobo Coin

I would like to go to Takayama Station after checking out.

You can take our shuttle bus to Takayama Station. Please check the departure time at the front desk.

About meals
Can I eat in the room?

You can eat in the dining venue.

Please note that we cannot serve meals in guest room.

Can I bring in drinks?

You can bring them in your room, but please note that you cannot in the dining venue.

Can the dining venue be used in yukata?

Yes, you can put on either clothes or yukata.

What time can I eat?

Dinner 17: 30-20: 00 / Breakfast 7:00 to 9:00

There is no need to set the time in advance, so please come directly to the dining venue within the time.

About guest rooms
Do you have a bedroom?

There is no bedroom, but you can put a folding bed in the room.

If you would like to use that, please let us know in advance.

What are the room amenities prepared?

ukata, towels, bath towels and toothbrushes are available.

Children with bedding have also included them, but please note that children co-sleeping will be charged extra.

Is the room non-smoking? Is there a smoking area in the building?

All public spaces and guest rooms are non-smoking.

There are smoking areas on the first and second floor.

About the bathroom
What are the bath amenities?

In the bathroom / Body soap, shampoo, and treatment

Dressing room / dryer, baby changing table, collagen gel, cotton swab

Dressing room (female) / Makeup remover, face wash, lotion, milky lotion, cotton

Dressing room (male) / Aftershave lotion, hair liquid, hair tonic, face wash, razor

Is it a hot spring?

It is not a natural hot spring, but a mineral hot bath. You become warm from deep inside of the body.

About facility
Do you have a vending machine?

Yes. We have beer, juice, canned coffee, and mineral water.

Do you have a laundry?

There is a washing machine and a dryer.

Please use them after paying 300 yen at the front desk (with laundry detergent).

Is it possible to connect to the internet?

There is an internet area on the 1st floor.

In addition, you can use Wi-fi throughout our hotel with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Do you have delivery service or massage?

Yes, we have. Please feel free to tell us at the front desk.


Oyado Yamakyu -Hida Takayama-
58 Tenshoji-machi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-0832
TEL:0577-32-3756 /

Check-in: From 2:30 p.m. to 11.00 p.m./
Check-out: By 10:00a.m.